• Curriculum


    The curriculum is based on the basic key learning areas that are tailored according to the age group and needs of each and every child. With a strong foundation in writing, literacy, reading and language development, our curriculum covers math concepts / sciences / physical / social / emotional / character development and creative expression. The pattern of education followed is to suit any Board like CBSE, ICSE or Matriculation.

    Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

    “Bunnies Movement” which is a part of the Uniformed Services is handled by trained ‘Bunny Aunts’ who teach them how to carry themselves, cope with their surroundings and most predominantly to inculcate self discipline. Extra- Curricular Activities like Dance, Action songs, Vocal music, Aerobics and Art & Craft are taught periodically, closely associated with their formal learning.

  • ECAYLP – Extra Curricular Activities – Year Long Programme

    Every child is unique and imbibed with an inherent talent and the best way to showcase this talent is, undoubtedly through a platform called ECAYLP. At VKids, ECAYLP henceforth becomes a mandatory part of school curriculum and a continuous process – on year long basis as the title suggests and aims to enhance the overall development of the student community as a whole.

  • Extra Curricular Activities
    • Bunnies
    • Yoga
    •  Chess
    • Dance (Classical & Western)
    • Music – Vocal and Instrumental